Refrigerant Lab Testing Services

The Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) is an organization that establish industry standards and certify product performance. AHRI Certified™ is the trusted mark of performance assurance for heating, air conditioning, water heating, and commercial refrigeration equipment in the market.

Our Malaysia laboratory is the first in Asia (outside of U.S.A.) to achieve AHRI Certified™ Refrigerant Testing Laboratory (AHRI Standard 700) certification. This certification is administered and governed by AHRI, which ensures the Refrigerant Testing Laboratory can accurately perform the test method prescribed in AHRI Standard 700 on any refrigerant.


Please refer to this LINK for the listing of the refrigerants tested by our laboratory. To find out more information, check out our FAQ or contact us directly.

AHRI Certified™ Refrigerant Testing Laboratory (AHRI Standard 700)

1) Certified Ratings

  • High Boiling Residue, % by weight
  • Non-Condensables, % by volume
  • Volatile Impurities including other refrigerants, % by weight
  • Water, ppm by weight.

2) Related Standard:

  • AHRI Standard 700-2016, Specifications for Fluorocarbon Refrigerants
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